Adventure Travel + Medical Research = Wilderness Medicine with Dr. Luke Norman Apisa, M.D.

Luke can only have fun doing things that stupid people die from.
00:00 Intro 
 01:32 Luke's busy transition period 
 03:38 Physician's Attending Salary 
 07:35 Luke's decision to mortgage his 20s to be a physician 
 10:25 Luke's 15 majors but not math 
 17:00 Adventures are a consistent way to experience excitement 
 21:30 Wilderness Medicine is adventure travel + medical research 
 24:49 Some high altitude research applies to COVID treatments 
 27:30 Sleeping in hyperbaric oxygen and hypoxia for superpowers 
 30:54 COVID 
 36:51 Are the COVID vaccines safe? 
 45:20 The next two years of Wilderness Medicine 
 52:12 Reach out to Luke 

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