Enchantment before analysis, practicing empathy, and becoming the chooser with Lydia Kapp Gutilla

Acting lets you live multiple lives, but nobody owes you anything.
Acting lets you live multiple lives, but nobody owes you anything.

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Lydia Kapp Gutilla was a Theatre and Spanish double major at SMU in the class of 2008. Currently located in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina where she is studying for her private pilot's license, Lydia works as an actress, writer, and all around storyteller. She also does karate, sings like a boss, and is particularly good at being tall and proud of it.

00:00 Intro
01:37 Cobra Kai
03:44 Enjoying television more as an actress
06:01 Enchantment before analysis
09:11 Jeff Blair's framework of critically understanding a person's agenda
11:10 Who was Lydia at SMU?
14:01 Acting is practicing empathy through stories
17:39 President's Scholars are Renaissance people
18:39 What does a typical day for Lydia look like?
22:41 Hollywood's gatekeepers vs. not waiting for permission
29:42 How does Lydia balance energy between her own projects and the film industrial complex?
34:43 Acting is kinda like software development
39:10 Learning Karate as a Wonder Woman character study
44:21 Aquaman and enjoying bad art
47:12 Balancing predictability and surprises in scripts
48:30 Lydia's personal art and writing
50:59 Choosing instead of being chosen
53:15 No feedback is frustrating and unavoidable
58:46 Script Coverage
01:00:55 Find out more about Lydia

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🎥 Lydia's short film CLARENCE: https://youtu.be/l2SjnWWJuK0

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