Indie game development for Rivals of Aether with Trevor Youngblood

Trevor likes video games so much he makes them for money.

Trevor likes video games so much he makes them for money.

00:00 Intro
02:07 Trevor's work
03:52 Rivals of Aether
05:34 How Trevor became an indie game programmer
08:47 College vs. self taught coding
11:13 GameMaker projects
12:07 Ronald McDonald and the Rivals mod platform
16:07 Trevor's mild fame at tournaments
20:11 Humane computing and Virtual Reality
23:31 Who was Trevor at SMU?
24:26 Trevor's dream career
29:31 Nintendo hates their community
31:58 Video Game Tournaments
34:20 It's impossible to hide anything in a video game
36:41 A typical day in Trevor's life
40:10 "My work life wasn't affected by COVID"
41:35 Coding task management with lists
44:51 Playing Project M
48:29 Multiplatform game development on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch
52:48 Balancing difficulty to get players in flow
57:41 Indie game developer network
58:40 How to contact Trevor

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